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Server Maintenance and Changes

Hello everyone.

Pegasky is undergoing maintenance and the server configuration is being updated that will hopefully resolve recent lag issues and such.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay tuned.


Edit: Server Maintenance and Changes are now complete! 🙂

Vote for Mob Griefing!

I’ve set up a poll on the forums, so for those who want to see Mob Griefing turned On or Off can voice their opinions and vote.

The poll can be found Here!

Every vote counts! 🙂


Edit: Poll is now closed! Thanks for your votes everyone! 🙂

Welcome to Pegasky!

A new page “pegasky.com” has launched! As you can see, there are changes still underway as many other elements are still being added. There will also be a forum for those who play on our pegasky minecraft server so you can post anything related to our minecraft server or anything in general. So stay tuned!